Why Choose a Butler Building System from Cameron Construction?
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The Landmark™2000 Structural System Employs a special truss purlin (an open web roof secondary structural member) that is exclusive to Butler. The system employs solid web primary frames, pre-punched truss purlins and rod bracing in the roof and walls to form a very attractive and economical long bay framing system. more>
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Multi Story
The multi-story structural system offers the benefits of our low-rise building expertise and the single source advantages of a Butler Multi-Story structure. more>
Cameron Construction Shakeout Plan
The Widespan framing systems allow for maximum use of interior space which is particularly important in manufacturing plants, warehouses, offices and retail stores where uninterrupted space is required. Building widths for clearspan frame buildings are available in widths from 30'-150' in 1/8" increments. Modular framing systems, on the other hand, are specially designed for large buildings such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, truck terminals and retail stores, using a minimum of interior columns. Modular frame buildings are available in widths from 80'-300' with interior modules from 40'-60' in 1/8" increments. 
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SkyLine Panl-Line
The first one-hour, one-layer, UL fire-rated assembly in the industry, the Skyline structural system is engineered and factory assembled to allow unlimited truss configurations and design flexibility to almost any roof application.  Two distinctive appearances are available with the single-slope roof design of Panl-Line™ I buildings and the gable roof design of Panl-Line™ II buildings. Both maximize usable space and volume in a small building, with a high degree of functional flexibility. 
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The Collector's House at Shelburne Museum, built by Cameron Construction, as seen in Architectural Digest.